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Friday, 7 March 2014

Need some water ? The River Cree in Spate

All pictures taken today, the 7th of March 2014
There were notices up about possible flooding last night, so I thought today I'd take a look at the river today.
After taking pictures from the Sparling Bridge to the A75 bridge, I then moved up stream to Gleds Nest.
A bit of fungi separates the two sections of the river I photographed.
I love running water.  

Now wasn't that a lot of water !


  1. How gorgeous! I can almost hear and smell the water!

  2. I love that amber colour of a flooding river. I remember that the Esk in Langholm used to flow with such spectacle from time to time - very exciting. The Dee here in Kirkcudbright though just seems to lumber along and goes up and down with the tide - interesting in its own way but just not the same.

  3. Nice shots Jim. Here's hoping we get a dry spell of a month or so that we can think of as "Spring" before the summer months kick in. Roll on the sunny days. Pity we couldn't sell our excess water here to places that really need it like California and dry parts of Australia if we could work out a cheap way to do it.

  4. Wow! Water force! Decent Pooh Stick conditions!! Like the fungi too - can't get to mine at the moment as woodland path impassable - so I'll just enjoy yours!

  5. Hi Linda, you probably know by now I love running water.

    I was hoping the colours would show up on the computer Sandy, I'm pleased they did.

    I agree Bob, but would it be really difficult ? I seem to remember we spent years burying electric and telephone cables under the sea. Australia is a long way away though. Wasn't there a successful rain making experiment back in the 70's ? Maybe there's a lot of technology under wraps because were not ready for it yet.

    Hope you're drying out by now Eliza. Get ready for the long hot summer !


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Morning deer
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