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Thursday, 17 April 2014

An omnium-gatherum of images

Having used Gallimaufry and Salmagundi in past posts of oddments, I looked in the dictionary for something new to describe an odd collection. Omnium-Gatherum seemed to fit the bill.

As well as a collection of pictures I've taken over the last couple of months, I've included a couple of  sketches from my youngest daughter ( my bragging right ). She also has a blog page with lots of interesting pictures.

I'm quite chuffed with my last picture in this post.

Snowdrops at Torhousemuir

Texel and lambs at Torhousemuir

Rabbit above Barbuchany

Lamb near Knockbrex, Carrick Shore

Rookery close to Parkmaclurg

Blackcraig from Parkmaclurg

Bull near Boreland of Girthon

Montpellier Terrace rear view, Cheltenham 
Sketch by my youngest daughter Marie 

Another sketch by my youngest daughter Marie, now cover art for 

Edd Donovan and the Wandering Moles  have a special vinyl edition on the Paper Label of their debut album 'Something to take the edge off', again the cover art is by my daughter Marie

Now a few pictures from a stroll at dusk
Close to Doonhill Woods, Newton Stewart
Ex: F-WQPV > G-HEMH > G-VGMC - Originally owned to, McAlpine Helicopters Ltd in September 2001 as G-HEMH. Currently with, Cheshire Helicopters Ltd since February 2011 as G-VGMC.

Song Thrush, Doonhill Woods


Here's a short video clip of the above Song Thrush.

Sunset from the trig point, Doonhill, Newton Stewart

Moonshot from Blairmount Park, Newton Stewart

Swans and geese on Mochrum Loch

Greylag Goose on Mochrum Loch


  1. Lovely selection. Captures the feeling of spring. Those Texel lambs are so wee! And thanks for including my pics. X

  2. You have outdone yourself with these gorgeous photos!!! I would love to cuddle the lambs...and even the bull. LOL! Well, he looks sweet, anyway.

  3. Nice collection of photographs Jim. Looks like it will be a cracking Easter weather-wise for the young lambs to give them all a fine sheltered start in life. About time our poor wildlife had a respite and some sunny days.

  4. Some great photos there Jim. Your daughter is a very talented girl I like her style.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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