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Friday, 13 June 2014

Mulberry Harbour, Garlieston - Swans and Cygnets - Decorated Scaffolding

With D.Day still fresh in the mind, I took myself down to Garlieston to take some pictures.
I found a four leaf clover, but my lottery ticket didn't come up.
I walked north to get to the remnants of the Mulberry Harbour that are on the rocks.
Last time I was here was with a couple of my lassies.

Above are the two 'Beetles' closest to the town.

Towards Castle point on the Eggerness path lie a further five 'Beetles'.
My first look at these was back in May 2008.

Great care is required to get round the rocks.

These three are now much higher up the rocks after the stormy seas last year.

There are bits and pieces scattered over the rocks.
I guess they'll all eventually corrode away.

Combined Operations Command tells the history of the Mulberry.
With this post I salute the veterans of the Normandy Landings. 

Blairmount Swans and Cygnets Update

This morning, Friday the 13th of June I walked round the pond.
The seven cygnets are now a week old...........

..................and all in good health.

One thing's for sure, their diet is being well supplemented.
I saw a whole loaf of bread being carried round the other day.

A colourful picture to finish.  
McMillan Hall, Newton Stewart is undergoing repairs.
With the Queens Baton Relay due to come through the town on the 19th of June, it was decided to brighten up the scaffolding.
Cheerio the noo folks.


  1. The cygnets are adorable, I am so happy they are thriving. The parents are lovely.

  2. From the creators, to the unbelievable number of people involved and to the engineering feat itself, the links you supplied with its information is nothing short of astonishing. Its worthwhile and so much more enriching to know the background before visiting the 'beetles'. The pics are amazing Jim and armed with knowledge, the images I was able to conjure up were very imaginative and quite poignant.
    Love the progress on the cygnets and Ma and Pa Swan.

  3. lovely pics jim---and very interesting info :)

  4. Just watched a programme about the Mulberry Harbours getting built. I didn't realise myself how much of it was still visible around the shoreline. Great pictures Jim. My Dad was in the Black Watch during the war but he fought in Italy mostly.

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments folks, I'll catch up soon I hope.


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