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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A few days in Ireland - August 2014 - Part 2 of 2

Still Tuesday the 12th of August and I took a run up through Blacklion and Belcoo.
The festival is usually a very enjoyable occasion, but I missed it this trip.

I'd heard a lot on the radio and TV about the 'Anti Fracking' protests at Belcoo, so I went to take a look. 
Apparently the group have won the first round as Tamboran, the company cannot now drill without resubmitting a full planning application.

The TV companies were reporting and interviewing.
Food was being prepared in the tent.
The police were cruising back and forth.

I carried on to The Linnet Inn
We were here in 2012

Mine jovial host Dessie McKenzie
I also learned that Dessie and a pal of his are fans of Stan and Ollie.
Dessie, the Dublin tent is Jitterbugs, and they also meet over in Down once a year.
If you were to start an Oasis how about 'Them thar hills'.

Stooks of turf (peat)

This is Mully Lusty, Margaret Gallagher's 200 year old cottage.
There's an insight into her life on this Youtube Video.

Back up to Dunmakeever I slept well enough in the old homestead, the good folk from Blackpool do a great job keeping it habitable.
Wednesday morning I headed over to Tubbercurry in County Sligo for their 'Old Fair Day'
I took all the back roads over. 
Dowra to Drumkeeran to Dromahair to Ballintogher to Ballygawley to come out on the N4 at Collooney. A little way down the N4 I branched onto the N17 which took me the rest of the way. That might not have been on the main thoroughfares, but it was a very pleasant drive. 
Traffic control were out in force in Tubbercurry so I found a nice parking spot on Connolly Park.
Towards the outer edge of the town were the usual clothing stalls with plenty fake goods.

This is around the town centre and where I should have bumped into Phil and Anne.
I'd arrived early so I had plenty time to look around.

Around the Wolf Tone Square and Teeling Street were the more interesting things happening.

When the traction engine got going it could get up a good head of steam. It caught a few folk out when it let rip.

The fair was originally for the sale of poultry, piglets and calves, but livestock is much less of a feature these days.

Here's a video I took. Didn't quite get the sound right, but they were pretty good.

It seems they take health and safety pretty serious here, most machinery on display was behind barriers.
I leaned over to get most of these pictures.

This display by the Mayo North Old Engine and Tractor Club was great and working.

A World War One Squaddie.

This was a great money spinner for the town. Balls were thrown at a big button to release the trap door. A line up of local celebs were timetabled to sit on the chair.
One kid who missed with his three balls, nipped under the rope to push the button with his hands, he caught the young lady by surprise .

Advert for another big name in Irish music while one of the West of Ireland's radio station's was broadcasting live. Ocean FM Live

A couple of old boys and some birds.

Old wheels and a Garvie Thresher.

Apologies for the language !

The farmer and the smithy.

The army was very popular with the kids.
Pick out the dummy !

The wheels were very popular with men of a certain age.

The top act of the day was Derek Ryan

I struggled to get the above pictures, he had a great crowd gathering in front of the stage.
Though I managed to get pictures without too many people in, there were thousands at the fair. 
I listened to a Derek Ryan singing for a while, I thought if I stayed in the one spot I'd eventually meet up with Phil and Anne. Just after four o'clock I gave up and headed away. Sorry I missed you guys !

Thursday the 14th of August

I didn't sleep as good Wednesday night and got up feeling grotty. Eventually got moving and decided to go visiting. 
These are the Tullydermot Falls in the upper reaches of the Claddagh River. 
I missed the folk I was heading out to visit. Maybe it was as well since my insides were still churning.
I decided to use my National Trust card.   

I revisited Florence Court

The house.

Another view, a pet grave and a wheelbarrow.

View from the summerhouse.

Original Irish Yew Tree.

Ice House.

View to the summerhouse from the Ice house.

Water driven sawmill.

Laundry Yard.

House rear view.

Gardeners house and gardens.

A friendly pair of robins.

Lots of colour to finish the post.
Back to Dunmakeever to say my goodbyes for this trip, up to Belfast early for the boat home.
Apart from the upset tummy I had a very enjoyable trip.

Time now to catch up on my blogging friends and answer some emails.


  1. G'day Jim, welcome home - Part 1 and 2 are filled with wonderful images with lots of history, yesteryear and of course stunning beauty.
    I'll have to return and follow many of the links included.
    I can appreciate how much time is involved in putting together such posts.

  2. looks like you had a wonderful time
    so many different facets of life

  3. A great varied post Jim. Quakers sound good and the fair looks like a fun day. Like the cant eat money slogan and the peat stooks. I admire your fortitude by carrying on when you woke up not felling well. I've crawled into work many times in the past feeling unwell, mainly because I had to but on a non work day I usually just lie in bed and groan happily until any virus or illness has passed.


Thanks for all your comments. I may not get to reply to them all, but you may be sure they'll be appreciated.

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