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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Moonshots September 2014

The moon has been quite big in the sky the last few days.
Here are my Nikon Coolpix P520 pictures.
Tuesday 9th September, straight forward zoom.

Tuesday 9th of September, Effects = High Resolution Monochrome.

Wednesday 10th of September, straight forward zoom.

Wednesday 10th of September, same picture as previous enhanced by Picasa's super sharpen HDR-ish ((High Dynamic Range) feature.


  1. These are phenomenal!!! Love this!

  2. At least you could see 'your' moon - mine was covered in cloud :)
    Your Nikon does a very fine job Jim, and I like the effects, but I am undecided (50/50) about the last one! ;/
    I'm afraid my little compact doesn't capture our glorious moon very well :(
    You must have been very pleased with these though!

  3. The last one is a belter. I've noticed that the "face" changes with the seasons, or maybe with the angle of the sun. Anyway, the "man in the moon" looks very different at certain times of year.

  4. Linda, thanks.
    Rose, sorry to hear your sky was darkened. The stars here in Scotland last night were sparkling like diamonds. I wish I could photograph the stars but every time I try I'm disappointed. An extension lens would probably do it, but I don't want an extension lens. Ah well !
    Bob, you're right. I've noticed that my winter moon pictures show 'The Man in the Moon' more clearly.


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