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Friday, 17 October 2014

Unsettled Skies

Thursday 16th of October

I'm not sure whether regular readers have noticed a change in picture quality recently. I have a new spare camera and have now been using it over a week.
It's a Canon Powershot SX510HS. 
I got it because it is now a discontinued item and is being sold off cheaply.
The pros are brilliant close up quality.
At 30 x 15 magnification it can still pick out distant objects.
It can still take a good picture of the moon, and is much lighter to carry.

The cons are, it doesn't have a viewfinder only an LCD screen.

After yesterday mornings rain it cleared up enough for a walk round Blairmount pond.

Here are some pictures taken from my garden and round the pond.
View towards Cairnsmore of Fleet


Another view towards Cairnsmore of Fleet
Lots of birds around.

Interesting clouds overhead.

Clouds gathering to the west

View to the Cree from Doonhill Woods

Now a number of waterfowl on Blairmount Pond

Autumn's fall in Doonhill Woods

The changing clouds over Cairnsmore finished my wee walk.  



  1. I think this camera is working very well for you, Jim, and I love the photos you snapped here!

    1. Thanks Linda, looking forward to some more Montreal views.

  2. Life at Blairmount - I have never, seen ducks nap like that! I've lost count how many times I've wished for a view finder on my compact. Much prefer it.
    Love those woods and what a good way to keep on the move.
    Interesting cloud formations, and I think crows are in fact very intelligent.
    How's the wind......

    1. I must get round to walking through the woods daily, I've become a little blasé lately. Must appreciate what's out my backyard more.

  3. beautiful photos! so glad you are enjoying your new camera, sounds wonderful. Light is good, i think you will get use to the screen. I use to have one and loved it. Did not have to get down on my belly as often ;-)

    1. Thanks Tammie, I am getting used to it.
      For anyone wishing to look at the most amazing prairie, majestic mountains, wildlife and natural beauty then click on Tammie's link. You will not be disappointed.

  4. I think its been a good summer for wildlife. Don't think the autumn colours have been as vivid so far this year yet as last autumn, probably because we have not had much in the way of severe night frosts to blush the leaves. Spent a whole day wandering around green areas and they are still green for the most part yet the leaves are falling fast with the recent winds.

    1. I agree about the Autumn colours Bob, but they're changing now.
      The worst of Gonzalo is about to hit. I'm looking at the woods behind me now and I think there'll not be many leaves left on them tomorrow.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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