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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Mostly Fungi

A short walk along the Bladnoch yesterday, Monday the 10th of November.
A few more trees down, I hope some local woodcutter gets busy with his chainsaw before next May's walkfest.
Here's a few pictures. 
Most of the fungi is decaying now.

A parasol mushroom I think.

A great tit.

I think these might have been Scaly Wood Mushrooms

White Milking Bonnet ?

Butter Cap ?

The Distillery Sluice or Lade has a cople of pipes running along it. This one seems to have developed a leak.

The Bladnoch Lade

I can't identify these last ones but they looked gorgeous

Maybe a fungi expert can put a name to them.
I may have some of the others wrong too.

The clouds are gathering.
Always a pleasant walk. I will catch those salmon sometime. 


  1. that little bird is so cute!
    your Scaly Wood Mushrooms might be puffballs, hard to tell from only that angle.
    those last mushrooms are gorgeous indeed.

  2. my mushroom teacher use to say that there are three ways you must do to ID a mushroom, smell, taste (then spit out) and a spore test of the cap. Well there is looking at the stages too, they change so much from beginning to end.

    1. If I'm with any of my family, I get told off just for touching fungi. They'd have kittens if they saw me put one near my mouth.
      Look forward to seeing more rare fungi from you Tammie.

  3. A nice selection Jim Gave up trying to find your mystery mushrooms on the net. Not in my Collins guide either but that only covers a fraction of the total that's out there. Damn... I so wanted to be an expert at something... anything! :o)

    1. When I ask for an identification Bob, I usually get lots of emails from my walking group with the answer. Not a sausage coming through with this one. Ill keep looking.
      You are an expert Bob, the best selling author of the books, Autohighography and A Guide to Walking and Cycling around the River Clyde and the Firth of Clyde. [Kindle Edition]. Now that's an achievement.

  4. The fungi is so pretty, and oh so fragile. Fabulous timing to get the last three in their perfection.

    1. Thanks Rose, I'd got to the riverside to sit for a moment and I dropped my water bottle. I wouldn't have seen them tucked under a ledge otherwise.
      I'm sure somewhere in the fungi world, someone knows what they are.


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Morning deer
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