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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Rooftops, Birds and the Season of Goodwill - November/December 2014

 A week after contracting a bad cold and sore throat, I'm finally on the mend.
Though I haven't been getting much sleep, I have managed a few short walks from the house.
This first set of pictures may not be of much interest to anyone but Newton Stewart residents.
I took myself off one day for a climb to Barrhill Wood phone mast. 

The western end of Newton Stewart and where I live.

If you narrow and squint your eyes, you can imagine you're in Austria or Switzerland.

The roof of Kirroughtree House.

Barrhill Farm and cottages.

Blackcraig view.

Newton Stewart Community Hospital in the foreground.
Golf club to the left above.

As I climbed I took lots of pictures over Newton Stewart and Minnigaff.
Here's a few of them. Interested readers may try to identify their respective locales.


The majority of the following pictures were taken from Wigtown Harbour bird hide.
I think there might be some snowy (I've since been corrected) little egrets amongst them.

'Tis the Season of Goodwill

I took a short walk through town on the day of the switch on of the Christmas lights.

This is Scotland's largest Santa.

Traffic was diverted from Victoria Street to Riverside Rd.

Reminiscent of a scene before motor cars perhaps.

I didn't stay, the sun was going down and I was feeling cold.

View south west from my back garden.

I loved this strange cloud formation top left.

The moon just before dusk.

A forthcoming recce will determine my recovery.

N.B Just a short note to my fellow bloggers, I will catch up soon.


  1. If you narrow and squint your eyes, you can imagine you're in Austria or Switzerland. - love this photo effect.

    1. Thanks Anon, It is amazing how the camera CAN lie these days.

  2. The settings look perfect for the moon shot!
    Nothing other than a packed lunch, a thermos and settle in for hours at the bird hide.
    Rooftops and go walk-about around N.S. fabulous, and at this time of year I particularly enjoyed looking at the contrast between evergreen and deciduous, makes an interesting visual across the landscape.
    Perhaps when it snows you could pop your skis on and do this post all over again hey :)

    1. Thanks Rose from Oz, I'd really like to show you around the place..............skis or no skis.
      It's a myth that Queensland doesn't get snow I see !

  3. Like the second photo Jim. That's the way old style romantic painters used to portray the Scottish Peaks. Ben Lomond looks more like the Matterhorn in the famous one I' ve seen in the Art Gallery. Hope you are feeling back to normal now.

    1. You're right Bob, back in the 50's 60's we'd go somewhere that looked brilliant in the posters and postcards, but when you got there it seemed an entirely different place


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Morning deer
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