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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Water of Minnoch and the River Cree

The weather seems to be picking up and the days are getting longer.Spring just round the corner maybe.I think winter's still got a sting in her tail up here.
Nonetheless i took a pleasant walk up the Water of Minnoch and came up with this picture.Couldn't believe the way the leaves were blowing around.Ha Ha.

On the way back to Newton Stewart the Cree looked very picturesque.Another short walk produced these.Isn't Mother nature most beautiful.

This last picture is the joining of two pictures-I can see the join.Can you.?
Clicking on the picture to see it full size makes the join obvious.


  1. Can't see the join, but then my lappy's a bit elderly.

    Lingering over it slowly is very pleasant. It's full of multiple miniature landscapes.

  2. the photo's are spectacular. couldn't see the join for ages but phil spotted it.

    lovely words accompanyiing the pictures too.

    keep it up! this is a lovely blog.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
is someone watching me