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Thursday, 8 May 2008


After a couple of days tidying the garden and shaking off the bug that laid me low,I decided to make the best of the weather with a walk today. Bargaly Glen with the Palnure burn running through it is beautiful anytime of year. Today i decided to take a walk through Bargaly Woods,part of the Galloway Forest Park. The wild flowers are out in force,and the blubells put me in mind of the Blubell Polka by Jimmy Shand 'Picking the Bluebells in the Merry Month of May'. I cant think how long it is since i heard it. The track through the woods appears to have been neglected.Fallen trees across it's path are in abundance(Coming back a different route to where i'd parked the car,i did spot a No Admittance notice-so perhaps it's closed and i shouldn't be here) At a junction in the track I decided to climb above the woods towards Craig Heads. Lovely views from here of Cairnsmore.... ....and the local woolly families seemed quite oblivious to my presence.
Reaching the burn above Bargaly Farm i began my descent.
There's been no rain since sunday,so there's not a lot of water about.The sounds of the tumbling water though mingled with bird song is an aural pleasure and i decided this would be a nice spot to open my flask of coffee.

The problem with being in a spot of such tranquility is that it cant be bottled and taken home.Time to move.
On the farm track now to Bargaly farm and approaching the farm there's a bull eying me.I'm quickly through the gate to safety.
Down past the barking collies and to the farmhouse where i get in conversation with the farmer.He's got lots of bulls,takes them all over to the agricultural shows.
I think it's his son who's with him moving a couple of bulls into a field.
Soon time to move again,don't want to hold up the workers.

This handsome pair posed for the camera.

Now i'm walking alongside the Palnure burn and the sun's just gone behind a cloud

I did a youtube video of the Palnure Burn.It was filmed on the first day of November last year when there was a lot more water about.
Our rivers up here in Galloway never disappoint-gently flowing or in torrential spate they've got character.
Now after crossing the Bargaly and Graignine bridges i'm back onto a tarmac road and at the entrance to Bargaly House.For more info have a look at
For a secluded holiday cottage look no further.
In fact i've just noticed that they've linked their fishing page to my aforementioned Palnure Burn video.Fame at last.

It's possible that these lovely horses also belong to the Bargaly estate.

And now i'm nearing the end of my walk and the thought comes to mind that this pole's been up a long time!?or is that the time it was erected.Ach please yerself at least i've had a nice walk.


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos.
    I enjoyed browsing through them very much.
    You are surrounded by such natural beauty.

  2. Thanks Kathy,we do get quite a few 'Dreich' days(like today) when it's not so conducive to taking good pictures,but even on days like this nature comes through.I am lucky.

  3. The tall thin trees left over are supposed to be a resting place for birds flying between isolated plantations. Stepping stones in effect. BTW I love your blog

  4. Thanks for that Shani.
    I do live in a beautiful part of the country,and if i can share it through my blog,and get positive comments like yours...then i'm happy.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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