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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Glenamour Loch and Loch Dee

The last few days i've been drawn to water.
Glenamour Loch is a short walk from the car park,but well worth a visit.

This is a view taken from just above the loch.

Sitting quietly on the edge of the loch i was soon serenaded by wonderful bird song...

...while watching the hundreds of tadpoles swimming around.

The next stretch of water is the lovely Loch Dee.
A little longer walk this time.
Starting from the Craigencallie Outdoor Centre it's a two and a half mile walk to the loch.

A circular stone walled sheep pen on the way.(at least that's what i think it is).

The Black Water of Dee running through the forest.

I wonder what happens at midnight?

At the loch the centrepiece is the small island with two trees on it.

Wearing my 'Chic Murray' hat i even get myself in the picture.
I sat here for a good half an hour watching the sun shimmering of the water.
A relaxing YouTube video is on the way.

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Morning deer

Morning deer
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