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Monday, 28 July 2008


I had reason to travel to Dumfries today Monday 28th of July.
Returning west i took a little detour to the Glenkiln Reservoir northwest of Shawhead to take these pictures.
Hopefully they'll cheer up a dear friend who's having a very rough time at the moment.

This is a Rodin sculpture of John the Baptist.We've always known it by my fathers name for it'The Rude Man'.Remember kids?

I could have quite easily jumped in here today.Last time there was a salmon fisherman wading in the loch.

And here is a Henry Moore sculpture that goes by the name 'King and Queen'.
There are more sculptures around,but today i only photographed these two.

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  1. Hiya, Yes I vaguely remember The Rude Man and the King and Queen too. I know that there is photographic proof somewhere which i'm sure would jog the memory, must be nearly 30 years ago now though! Makes you feel old just thinking about it. Brilliant photos as usual Glebe, look after yourself speak to you soon .


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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