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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Glenamour and Barnclaugha

Glenamour Loch

Wednesday the 22nd of October 2008.It was a nice morning and it came to mind i'd like to revisit Glenamour.A pleasant walk up to the loch,and the first view i got was of this Whooper Swan.

I had it in mind i might get some good panoramas today,and i think i did.

Panorama of Glenamour Loch on

As well as the CleVR productions the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Panorama of Glenamour Loch(1) on

Moving over to the east, i began climbing Craignine hill with this view behind me.

The sheep were initially curious,but soon moved away.

Cairnsmore was topped with cloud,the cattle paused in their grazing to eye me up.


Now viewing Barncaughla farm this is one mighty rock.I wonder if it ever had any significance.

Another view of Barncaughla Farm on the route of the old Edinburgh Road above Glenamour near Newton Stewart in Southwest Scotland.

Panorama of Barncaughla on

Barncaughla Farm was the birthplace in 1669 of John McMillan,a well known member of the cloth during the days of the Covenanters.

It's become cold and overcast as i head back to the carpark,but i'm glad i came up here today.


  1. Some wonderful pictures there Jim x

  2. Thanks Jayne,the beauty of Galloway makes the photography a simple matter of pointing and clicking.I'll never tire of this brilliant place i call home.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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