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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Creetown Circular

It's Saturday the 30th of May,and we're having a lovely dry and sunny warm spell.
Twenty two suitably attired walkers gather at Creetown's main carpark for todays walk.We welcome one new walker.Heading out of the village past Kirkmabreck Parish Church the first leg of todays walk takes us through the beautiful Balloch Wood.
Creetown Walks

There are lots of information boards covering flora and fauna throughout the woods.This particular one concerns an ancient chalybeate well with a warning not to drink the water.The path follows the Balloch Burn for much of the way...

...hand crafted benches and bridges adorn the route.Todays walk being a moderate six mile circular there's no haste.
We've come upon a wooden platform that looks like a outdoor dance floor.Anyone for a 'Hoedown'.
Looking at one of the information boards later,it seems it is or is going to be a red squirrel feeding station.

Now at the top end of Balloch wood we reach Garrochar Wildlife Ponds.This is part of the Balloch Wood Communty Project.

We take time out here.A few ramblers do a little exploration.
The wooden roundhouse situated at the Garrochar Wildlife Ponds was commissioned in 2007 by Balloch Community Woodland Project to provide an interpretation shelter and meeting point.
Back on the move again we've a short walk along the old military before turning into the track that will lead us to the summit of Knockeans Hill.

It's a steady climb,but no one's in a hurry.

The hazy sunshine today means a lack of clarity in distant views.
I blogged my last solo effort up here when there was more cloud cover.For a comparison click here.Knockeans

There's not a cloud in the sky as we enjoy the vista's all round.At the summit it's a bit breezy... we drop down a little to enjoy our lunch.

Others drop down further.

Panorama of A view north from Knockeans Hill on

After a bite and drink,i get myself a 180 degree panorama to the north.This picture takes in the Clints of Dromore,Cairnsmore of Fleet and the Cree Estuary.It's a shame there's so much solar haze.

Lunch over we're now heading west to Larg Hill.

The summit of Larg Hill,obviously a late walkers favourite spot.

Larg Hill is thirty one metres lower than Knockeans,but has a more open vista to the west.We stop often to identify points of interest.

After a short unscheduled detour a short distance south,we're heading northward back towards Creetown.

Curly's enjoying his day out...

...while the sunshine appears to be having a different effect on some walkers.

This will be the last gate,it's downhill from here.

We saw no red squrrels as we passed Larg cottage,but blue tits and great tits were spotted.We soon get back to the cars.A few walkers call for ice cream...

...while a group of us go and enjoy coffee,tea and cake at the Gem Rock Cafe.
A most enjoyable outing.


  1. Lovely pictures and lovely walks. Only wish I could be with you all!! The Panorama is superb. One can clearly see the old Creetown Railway Station and line the railway took. Sadly closed in June 1965

  2. Thanks for the comment Andrew.
    It's co'incidental you mentioning Creetown Railway Station.One of our group is an avid railway enthusiast,who's always tracing old routes.

  3. Railscot does a wonderful site with history / pictures etc. Here is the address of the "Portpatrick Railway" with clickable features for more info, pictures etc.


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