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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Wigtownshire Ramblers-Garlieston to Cruggleton

I'm writing the press report for this weeks walk,so i'll also use it on my blog.
That will be in italics.I'll add any other info or trivia as i proceed.

Saturday 23rd of January 2010.

A clear and frosty morning saw the ramblers congregate at the car park in Garlieston.The original planned walk to Eggerness had to be postponed till a later date,due to a shooting event taking place.
The re-arranged route,heading south saw a good turnout of twenty five ramblers setting off around the harbour.
The plan was to walk to Cruggleton Castle then across country back to Garlieston.

There's still a lot of 'For Sale' signs in Garlieston.

Heading past the old anchor at Park cottage,the caravan parks over the bay at Auchenlarie and Sandgreen were prominent in the morning sun.A fair number of seabirds squawked loudly at the intrusion into their domain.

Next the group entered the Galloway House estate.The season was evident by the stark bareness of the trees.The snowdrops were just emerging.

On reaching Rigg Bay a short break was taken.No white horses and spray today,the sea state number would be zero,the bay looked like a millpond.The higher of the Cumbrian mountains were in cloud.Jelly babies were distributed by the walk leader.

Next they headed through Cruggleton woods and round Sliddery Point before reaching the restored Cruggleton Lodge holiday cottage on the edge of the estate.
Not sure what the prices would be,but with the luck of the weather this would be a fabulous spot for a holiday.Here's the link for any interested parties.
Galloway House

On reaching the remnants of the 13th century Cruggleton Castle,a break was taken for lunch.With clear views over to the Galloway hills,recognising and identifying the different peaks was a popular topic.A number of seabirds, waders and cliff nesting birds were spotted.
I've been here quite recently but the last time i was here with the ramblers was back in May 2008,
Isle of Whithorn to GarliestonWhere's the time going ,eh ?
I'm in the top left of the above collage.Thanks to Scoop for this contemplative selection.
Such a bright day with a scenic backdrop calls for a group photo.Scoop had memory card problems at this point.

After lunch the group headed west over fields and farm track to the restored Cruggleton Church.

An open gate didn't stop a number of ramblers from trying out the stone steps over the high surround wall.The group learned from the walk leader that an ecumenical service is held here once a year.
Thanks again to Scoop for the above collage.
More snowdrops were beginning to blossom.
Passing Cruggleton Farm,a sleet or snow shower was spotted over in the Galloway hills.

Next they headed north on the B7063 before reaching High Lodge,another restored 18th Century cottage on the Galloway House estate.
Now heading back into the estate,an old iron water pump took the interest of some of the ramblers.

The flooded area of a harvested field became the next point of interest.It provided the photographers in the group with an opportunity for amazingly clear reflections.
I liked this one.
Oops ! Looks like I've got it upside down.
Now after passing the ruins of Snowdrop Cottage,the group were on the path through the woods,over the Broughton Burn and passing the walled gardens of the estate.
A short break was taken at the car park and information point near the front of Galloway House.
A special breed of sheep,Soay or a similar breed,were grazing in an adjacent field.(Update 3rd of February 2010.The sheep are actually Castlemilk Moorit,Britains rarest breed)

Front ,side , and back views of Galloway House.

Now they headed back to Rigg Bay and the coastal path back to Garlieston.It was busier now with more walkers,birdwatchers and fishermen in evidence.A tall grey heron was spotted out on the rocks.
Back at the car park the general consensus was that the re-arranged walk was a highly successful alternative.

A very enjoyable walk with the blessing of good weather.


  1. I like a good reflection shot.You have got an eye for a photo Jim.Believe me.I wouldn,t say that if it was not a fact.

  2. Amen, Alex & Bob a great job, Jim. I am so envious of your ramblings. I am starting a Blog, but haven't gotten very far, really bogged down in life right now staying with my 94 year old aunt. I'm enjoying living vicariously through all of you. So, when you see Mimi's Meanderings, it's me :) Judy

  3. Thanks Bob,i think.I've got to try harder down here,cause although we've great scenery here in Galloway,you and Alex reach more spectacular heights.

    I guessed you were Mimi Judy,wondered whether you're calling yourself after Mimi Rogers whom your profile picture bears a passing resemblence to!

  4. I'm Mimi to my grandchildren. I'm in Montmartre with friends in my pic. Had to google Mimi Rogers, knew her after I saw her pic. Wish I could play Texas Hold'em as well as she. Wouldn't mind having been married to Tom Cruise, either:)


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