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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Wigtownshire Ramblers - Larg Hill and Craignaw April 2010

I'm up early for todays walk.
The sky looks full of volcanic ash this morning.

It's a lot clearer at the walk start thankfully.I'm using the report I've compiled for the local press.This is getting to be a regular happening, I guess I'm just an obliging soul.Then again this is one of my walks.

Wigtownshire Ramblers Saturday the 17th of April 2010.
Walk Report.

Thirteen walkers gathered at the Caldons carpark at Loch Trool for the walk to Larg Hill and Craignaw. Cloudy with sunny intervals was the weather forecast.
An A grade walk brings out the usual suspects.Mad!

The first part of the walk was on forest road for 4.7 miles. A steady incline in a generally southerly direction gave views over the Water of Minnoch. The memorial cairn and ruins of the village at Holm Ferrach were another feature of this section.

After crossing the Pulniskie Burn at Thrawin Step they continued heading south until they reached the drystane dyke at Craigenteasy.

Leaving the forest road they now began the climb northeast towards the summits of Larg Hill.

Staying alongside the dyke and climbing in a north easterly direction, the going underfoot was grassy tussocks interspersed with boggy holes. A fairly steep incline slowed progress, but height was gained and upon reaching Punch Well Brae, the first refreshment break was taken.
Once clear of the forest, conditions underfoot got easier.Heather replaced the tussocky grass.

I wonder how many different views I've taken of Ailsa Craig.

To the south, clear views over the Cree estuary were opening up.As the steep incline lessened, progress improved and the group reached their first objective.
An excellent picture from Scoop gets me in the picture.

After a short stop at the first of Largs two summits at 659 mtrs they continued on to the higher 676 mtr peak.Here, well known landmarks and surrounding hills were identified, and photographs were taken. The wind chill factor meant quite a short stay at the summit, and dropping behind the dyke lunch was taken.Here views over to the neighbouring well known Galloway hills were extensive, with the majority of them being easily recognisable.Criffel over by Dumfries was also picked out.

After lunch they followed the dyke over Lamachan Scar,before turning northwest over Mulmein Moss towards Craignaw.

Heather and Bilberry covered the boggy plateau.Eventually a path was reached that they followed to the rocky,grassy slopes of Craignaw.
Craignaw is over 400 feet lower than Larg, Mulmein Moss is another 150 feet lower,so it's still a pull up to the summit.

Even though a smaller hill than Larg, the views from Craignaw were extensive, and the first hills of the 'Awful Hand' and the 'Rhins of Kells' showed prominently.
Another good picture from my fellow photographer.(I'm trying to keep this rebellious crowd in order, insisting that I DO know the way down)
Spot the patches of snow stubbornly staying on the Merrick.

Next came the steepest descent of the walk as the group made their way down the grassy slope to the Mulmein Burn.

Now they picked their way carefully down the burn, walking first on one bank and then the other until they reached the point where it meets the Caldons Burn.Here a short break was taken overlooking the waterfalls.Primroses bloomed on the grassy banks.

Now on the western bank of the Caldons Burn they continued the descent.The path, muddy in places passed steep sided gorges with countless waterfalls before reaching the forest road below Sheil Holm.

Crossing the forest road they now continued following the burn on it's eastern bank,soon arriving at Caldons House.Daffodils were in full bloom around the gardens of the now empty house.A colourful finish to an enjoyable walk.
A short walk soon saw the group back at the cars.

I wasn't feeling a hundred percent on todays walk, but I think it went well.The weather was excellent,and the company was as usual, the best.
If I get some more pictures from Scoop that I think will enhance this blog,then I'll update it.

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  1. Looks like another good day out in Sunny Galloway :)


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