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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Wigtownshire Ramblers Stroan Bridge Circular August 2010

Saturday the 7th of August 2010.
Todays walk will be a circular taking in riverside and forest.
Gathering at the Glentrool Visitors Centre at Stroan Bridge car park we're a group of twelve today.Our guest quadruped is the lovely Bella,
We begin by heading south alongside the tumbling Water of Minnoch.
There's some dampness in the air,but the forecast is good.It must have rained through the night,there's a good flow on the river.
Reaching the Water of Trool we head along to a section called the Black Loup.Here we cross the Trool via a fairly new footbridge.Now we rejoin the path along the Minnoch.

The grass is quite wet underfoot,but not too long to give us any problems.Across the river is an area called 'Auld Wife's Stank'...interesting !

Opposite High Minniwick now we see the ruins of Dalane Cottage.I wonder when it was last occupied ?

Sections of the river are really picturesque.

Continuing on we reach the bridge at Holm where we encounter a pair of birdwatchers.It seems our walk leader Shorty knows them.

A dodgy footbridge is traversed....

....and we reach this scenic waterfall.

Thanks for these pictures Scoop.
The 'Old bridge of Minnoch' commonly and locally called the Roman Bridge.(Possibly from Romany),is thought to be 17th or 18th century.
We have a short break here before a precarious stony scramble takes us onto forest road.

Now we're heading east and north for a long section of forest road.
Bella's in her element now....

....but she finds a stick that's too big to pick up.Look at that tail go !

Here's another excellent outlook from my fellow snapper Scoop.

Now we reach Holm Ferrach.I've blogged this before,but information is sketchy.
Here's what Scotlands Places has to say.
What may be a township, comprising six unroofed buildings, three enclosures and a field-system annotated 'Old Fence' is depicted on the 1st edition of the OS 6-inch map (Kirkcudbrightshire 1852, sheet 21). One unroofed building and two enclosures are shown on the current edition of the OS 1:10000 map (1978).
Information from RCAHMS (AKK) 21 December 1999

A clearing with views back over the Water of Minnoch makes an ideal spot for lunch.

Back on the move we round Jenny's Hill to arrive at Caldons.Now we'll follow the Water of Trool westwards along a section of the Southern Upland Way.
While we await tail enders to catch up I spot this picture.
On the left we have Scoop and the Stationmaster.In the middle are Billy the Kid and Bella,and to the right stand the Farmer and Bella's Master.Pure symmetry !

No matter the season,the Water of Trool is always worthy of pictures.Readers of this blog living close by (you know who you are) are so lucky to have this on their doorstep.Keep sending your lovely pictures to the local rag.

Throw me a stick ! Throw me a stick ! Bella was reluctant to get wet.She needed an excuse to get in.Once in though she was as reluctant to come out.

There's lots of colourful foliage along here.

Now we're almost back at the footbridge at Black Loup....

...I stay back to get a group picture.
Now,a short walk gets us back to a busy visitors centre....

....where some of us enjoy tea, coffee,scones,cakes and other such goodies.

A very enjoyable walk today.

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  1. Hi Jim, Yet again we failed to join you, this time due to slabs and gravel! Hopefully we'll make it eventually, in the meantime keep up the good work, I'll be watching you....
    Jayne x


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