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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Seven Links Blog Challenge

I've been bequeathed a blog challenge from A Daft Scots Lass , a lovely blogger I follow.

Go visit but be prepared for strong language.Reading A Daft Scots Lass and Not So Simply Single inspired me to set up the Irreverent Glebe.

1.My most beautiful post.
This has to be one from 2009 when I went Island Hopping on Scotland's west coast.
In the last week of June heading into July in 2009 I headed off to explore a few of our west coast jewels.
I had the only two weeks in the year that were rain free.
My blog posts during the trip were probably a bit of a hotch potch, but I later put a string of the pictures together accompanied by music by Moby and created an eight and a half minute video.
 Westward Bound -A Pictorial Tour Of Western Scotland

2.My most popular post.

Generally speaking my walks with the Wigtownshire Ramblers are always the most viewed as my fellow walkers like to remember where they've been.
However it seems my most popular blog has nothing to do with my brilliant photography or filming.
It's an account of an operation I had in the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh in 2009.
My Depressive Lumbar Laminectomy 

3.My most controversial post.
I guess I don't do controversial so I'm not sure what I'll put in here.
I suppose I could have started a controversy with this post but no one took the bait.
It's doubtful whether many readers in other countries will have heard of this programme.
What it is, is a soap opera set in London revolving around a group of saddo's who frequent a pub known as the Queen Vic.
I've occasionally had to endure this being on the T.V .On these occasions I never saw a smile or heard a laugh.Surely the most dire thing ever on British TV, and the saddest of all is that it gets such high viewing figures.
East Enders

4.My most helpful post.
A lot of people and bloggers probably don't that there are various methods of viewing on Blogger.
Mosaic,Flipcard,Sidebar,Snapshot and Timeline.
If you're looking for a particular post, one or other of these methods could help you find it.
Blog Viewing Methods 

5. A post whose success surprised me.
I'm a fairly prolific poster of mainly photographs and video.
I haven't many followers which isn't a problem to me.Don't get me wrong I like to think that I'm entertaining some of you good people out there but to me my blog is also a diary and record.
I've been on blogs where the authors follow hundreds of other blogs.If I went along that path I'd be on this computer more than I am and that's already too much.That said my posts are usually in double figures rather than three.
On a vacation this post stood out on my viewing figures with hundreds more hits than other posts on the same trip.I had one comment on this post from 'anonymous' wishing to exchange links.I've a feeling he was stealing my pictures.  
 Tintern Abbey

6. A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved.
It's a video clip featuring my eldest daughter and my two eldest grandkids.Go on ! Have a laugh 
Fun and Frolics on Druchtag Motehill

7. The post that I am most proud of.
I'm proud that of a number of my posts have been linked because their content has had historic reference such as Cairngarroch Bay. I'm also pleased to see some of my stuff linked to wildlife sites like the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park.
The majority of my posts though are my walks with the Wigtownshire Ramblers and the post I'm most proud of is a Ramblers post.
It was the first walk I'd devised myself and one that ended up on the Newton Stewart Walking Festival  

I think I'm now supposed to ask another seven bloggers to take up this challenge.
Well I'm not sure if the following good folk will have the time to take up the challenge.I wont blame them if they don't.Some are very busy people. 

Here's a very prolific thirty something.

Alex and Bob, Scotland's unofficial tourist board

From the heart of Montana comes Tammie,an amazing photographer

Sandy's from my part of the world.He's also a tea drinking folk musician.

Another near neighbor is Ruthie, an exceptional craftperson, artist, weaver of myths and all things magical. 

The travel adventures of one cool cat

I doubt you'll get the challenge taken up by Colin Campbell who administers this site,but you'll see some of the most beautiful pictures you've ever seen in your life.


  1. Brilliant! I had never seen that vid of Callum and Erin. Also nice to check out the other bloggers you follow. excellent. Hope you enjoyed compiling it.

  2. Well blow me down with a feather...
    What a small world this is..
    I was a regular visitor to your area 25 years ago as my then girlfriends Mum ran the Kenmuir Arms in New Luce. I have some realy fond memories.

  3. Now this is an idea Jim - I'll give a whirl hopefully tomorrow. I've got myself a bit behind - sometimes life gets in the road (in a good way mainly but I have been at work a lot too) - but I have a great pile of things to write about if I can find the time to get on with it.

  4. Thanks guys and daughter, I can understand why some folk can't do this challenge.It can be quite time consuming.
    It was fun though Sandy,I was sure you'd be up for it.

  5. hello
    this is one of the more interesting challenges I have seen. I am sorry it took me so long to go through my emails to find this. thank you for honoring me with a mention. you are so right,,,, busy! But I sure had fun reading your post and it will be fun to go back to some of your older posts.
    many thanks

  6. OOps Jim, sorry i missed this, i have been "elsewhere" for far to long, but back in the land og blogging now and off for a catch up ;-) thank you for your lovely words .


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