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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Steam in Stranraer April 2012

N.B. A health check update for my kind and considerate subscribers who have been sending their best wishes. The good news is that I haven't got kidney stones. The bad news is I have an enlarged prostate gland causing my bladder to back up and give me kidney pain. As a temporary measure, I've been put on tablets to try to shrink the gland, but will ultimately need laser or conventional surgery to correct the problem.
It's been another health issue that's caused the lack of activity on the blog, I'm just getting over a relapse of a chest infection. I will endeavor to catch up with your blog posts.  

I was lucky enough to get footage the last time the steam engines came to Stranraer.

It's almost 12 minutes of video. If you find it boring, at least move the slider nearer the end and watch the trains departure.
Since it was blowing a gale, I've added some music to soften the sound of the wind. The music is 'Moments of Splendour' by Howard Green.

On Wednesday the 25th of April 2012, two steam engines, part of an eight day trip by 'The Railway Touring Company' arrived in Stranraer for only the second time since 1966. The two engines were Black 5's 45305 The Great Britain V and 45407 The Lancashire Fusilier (As an ex L.F that was brilliant for me)

Below are some of the pictures I took.


  1. Looks as Cold And Raw A day There as it is here Jim.Like the Teddy.
    At least you know now what the problem is heath wise although that might not be much comfort.
    I,m just back from an west highland adventure with Alex if I ever get around to sorting out the best snaps.740 to wade through!

  2. Jim, great blog on the Steam Engines, a lovely sight to see!

    I sure hope you can get your health issues under control, so many people I know right now have something not so good happining!

    Take care... :-)

  3. Loved loved the post Jim, I have a real thing for trains, used to work for Queensland Rail on the trains themselves and loved it. Really enjoyed the photos.
    Jim lots of thoughts for you during this time of getting the now known problem under control and for you to be 'back on top' again. Hugs from Oz and take good care.
    (I was going to post today but the fam are bundling me off again today!)

  4. i've always wanted to ride a train, never have. looks like good fun.

  5. It was a very raw day Bob, the passengers were nearly falling over themselves to get back to their warm carriages.#

    Thanks Michael, I will get sorted.

    I'd love to take a trip on the Sunlander Rose, you never know I might do it yet.

    America has some fantastic steam trains Aguilar, when I get back to the U.S.A I'll be taking a look. Lots of them in Texas, have a look here Surviving Steam Locomotives

  6. Excellent. Certainly something worth going to Stranraer to see. In my time of going to stations (to catch trains incase anyone thinks I've taken up spotting),I've only once seen a steam train. They seem to produce a bit of a lump in the throat of even somebody too young to remember them in regular use (I'm sure that's you as well as me Jim)

  7. You are kind Sandy, but I've a feeling your tongue may well have been in one cheek or another while typing that last sentence.


Thanks for all your comments. I may not get to reply to them all, but you may be sure they'll be appreciated.

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