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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Coastal Recce April 2013

Thursday the 11th of April 2013
I've been out recceing the coastal walk I'll be doing in the Newton Stewart Walk Festival next month.
I'd have been out again today only I've picked up a twinge in my side.
I thought I'd upload a few pictures instead.
I've blogged this coastline many times so I'll be selective with the pictures.

Starting from St Medans and going south the first recce got me down to Laggan Camp below Carleton Fell.
Here then are the photos.
Seagulls at Callie's Port

Shags at Callie's Port

No luck from that dive !

Callie's Port/Cairndoon

A reflective rock

Primrose and Celandine

More Seagulls at Callie's Port

St Medan's Golf Course

Front Bay, St Medans. Carleton Fell. Snow Drifts at Knock

Second recce to St Ninians 
Physgill House and ruins at Glasserton Home Farm

After parking the car at Glasserton Church, I was making my way to the coast via the Home Farm when a thought of a detour crossed my mind. 
On the southern rocky slopes leading up to the Fell of  Carleton there's a feature on the Ordnance Survey map. I'd failed to find it in a previous search.
Ducks on pond by Broad Lane Wood

This looks promising for my search !

(Right click, 'Open link in new tab' for full screen picture) 
More Cup and Ring marks than you can shake a stick at. I'm chuffed I found it, I must try and include it in the Ramblers walk in June.

Back on the cliff tops, I'd seen this animal leaping around earlier. I slowed my pace to see if I could get closer to him


This was the closest. Aren't those horns brilliant. 

Travelling at the speed of light I just caught the tail end of this bunny

There are always birds of one kind or another

Choosing to ignore my passing, the cattle are quite placid today

My first ever picture of a Yellowhammer

Snowdrops and Fungi on the site where Glasserton House stood

A solitary Monkey Puzzle 
April showers for the weekend. I might get a dry day next week to complete my St Ninians to the Isle of Whithorn next week. 
My two favourite coastal areas of Galloway are this one and the North Rhins.
In Bernard Matthews turkey terms it's "Bootiful"


  1. What a terrific selection Jim! When you post so many and varied shots, I rather have fun trying to choose ONE favourite, but this is a bit of challenge so I've chosen 3. The seagulls, the cliffs and the stag.
    Here's a funny thing - I subscribed by email and your posts didn't come through! So I'll just have to keep an eye on you via my 'Favourites'!!

  2. Cracking photo of a scribble lark Jim.(old country name for a yellowhammer because their eggs look like someone has drawn on them with a quill or ball point pen) A much rarer bird than they used to be. Nice collection of different wildlife.

  3. A glorious series of photos, Jim...thank you! It is snowing here in Montreal today, so this is a welcome escape. Here in Montreal (and all of Quebec, pretty much), we call seagulls "les oiseaux McDo"...McDonald's birds because they are often found hovering over McDonald's restaurants. (they like the french fries). LOL!

  4. Yer pictures are always quite lovely.

  5. Yer pictures are always quite lovely.

  6. We share many of the same animals I see, although I have never seen a shag before! Much like Linda says, the seagulls here quite enjoy McDonalds too! (& garbage dumps) Have a great Sunday! : )

  7. Any walk with cup and ring markings in is worth leaving the house for and those look quite clear ones. Deer and yellowhammer too - not a bad day out.

  8. Hi Rose, my favourites too. I'm not sure why you can't get emails through. Maybe it's because you're already a subscriber. I forward each blog email post to around thirty ramblers. I'll add you too that list.

    You've enlightened me again Bob. I had no idea a Yellowhammer was called a Scribble Lark. You don't half know some stuff professor.

    Glad you like them Linda. Your little bit of French which I don't come across much on the blog brought back memories of a relaxing piece of music from a while back. It was called Et Les Oiseaux Chantaient by Sweet People. I think it translated as "And the birds were singing"

    Thanks Gillian aka Daft Scots Lass from sunny South Africa.

    Hi Michael, you probably have Cormorants over in Canada. Shags are similar but smaller.

    Thanks Sandy, finding the cup and ring marks means a I can take the rambling group on a slight detour on June's walk. I think I mentioned it before sometime but this stretch of coast and that of the North Rhins are pretty spectacular.


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Morning deer
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