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Friday, 13 September 2013

A small post

I'll start this post with three pictures from earlier this week.

Love this bonny bird.

It's been a pretty dreich week, but I remembered I would be taking macro on Friday (today), so I got in some practise
Lot's of webs on gorse bushes.

Flowers on roadside bushes are getting past their best.

 Today I joined a fellow rambler for a shoreline outing with the Wigtownshire U3A Digital Photography Group. We're allowed a couple of outings for free to see if it's something we'd like to join.
I was interested in today's outing as the subject was 'Macro' and Keith Kirk, a 'Countryside Ranger' with Dumfries and Galloway Council Ranger Service would be imparting his knowledge of Macro.
As well as his day job, Keith is a well known wildlife and environmental photographer.
Here's his Facebook Page.
After tea and biscuits at the Harbour Cottage we were soon on Garlieston's shoreline.
We're soon turning stones over to see what we can find. I'm learning about Aperture Priority from Keith.
This is a cropped section of the next picture, taken on settings I've just learned.
.......and this is it, a starfish. They're quite small as the next picture will show.

This is the turned up boulder we're concentrating on.

Keith certainly knows his stuff and his wildlife.

We come across a number of crabs. This may be of the Velvet Swimming variety.

A number of the photographers in the group have tripods. I should have fetched my Gorilla Pod camera tripod with me. 

Here's an interesting array !

This is my best picture of the day I think.

Also on offer were anemones (probably Snakelocks)..................

........................and larger crabs.

I don't know if I'll be joining the club, but I'll certainly be doing more experimentation with camera settings.
I've learned something today.
Thank you U3A Digital for an enjoyable morning.


  1. Fantastic captures! I especially love the bird and the crab!

  2. I won't pretend to understand the whole aperture issue but gosh what a treat with the macro images Jim!
    -sigh- no wonder I'll be stuck with a point and shoot for life! :(

  3. I'd say that was worth going along to if only for the guddle in the rock pool. Good pictures too and I notice their very civilised approach to having a group (tea and biscuits)

  4. Very nice photographs Jim. My macro is kaput alas so I cant zoom in on the tiny things no more except with a normal picture :0(

  5. Thanks Linda, the bird was very friendly, they seem to be braver around people when Autumn arrives.

    I too am basically point and shoot Rose, but it's nice to learn a bit more. I didn't realise that there are hundreds of settings on my camera.

    Tea and biscuits is very civilised Sandy. If you're at Moniaive at the end of the month, keep your eyes out for a lady violinist/fiddler, she's one of our walkers.

    Your panoramic mountain top pictures do you proud anyway Bob, you don't need the small stuff.

  6. awww i would love to have tea and biscuits after this lovely walk, i love your berry picture--makes me want my grandmother's blackberry cobbler, all the more and the seaside pics are adorable :)

  7. Hi Lynn, I've just looked up Blackberry cobbler and it's reminded me of the fresh berry and apple pie that my granny used to make. My mouth too is watering.


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