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Monday, 9 June 2014

New arrivals on Blairmount Pond

It's Monday the 9th of June and it's raining.
However yesterday there was quite a bit of sunshine between the showers and one of my short walks was round Blairmount Pond.
I took a few pictures of the plant and wildlife.

A lot of birds have been making use of the boxes put up by the Cree Valley Community Trust.

Then I noticed that mother swan was no longer sitting on the nest.
Could only mean one thing...............

The family were very wary to come out from cover, but did so after a while.

She was still sitting on the nest on Friday so they can't be more than two days old.

I initially thought there were five cygnets, but I see now I miscounted, there are six of them.

When the rain stops I'll be taking another look.

Update Monday 3PM

Another recount makes it seven.

They hatched on Friday afternoon I've been informed.


  1. I love this series, Jim! I have always loved the rain, and yes, rain photos, so I am very excited about this post. I love the caterpillar, the birds, everything! Lovely!

  2. I just adore Blairmount pond and its inhabitants. The final two large photographs of the family are stunning Jim.
    Isn't it wonderful to have such a place so close to home? Lucky you!
    I'll expect a progress report (after the rains)
    It's been raining here in the tropics for the last two days and its actually turned chilly! Had to don a jumper no less!

  3. That first photo looks like a drinker moth caterpillar as well (I checked the hairy caterpillar guide tonight). Nice raft of cygnets Jim. Just watched a badger on Springwatch swim out to an island then gobble up all the young chicks and the eggs of twenty nesting birds at one sitting before swimming back. Not so cuddly now Mr Badger :o)
    Shows you what nature is really all about. If it moves eat it before it grows up and eats you instead. Classic jaw dropper for the cute bunny fans. It's Armageddon out there :o)


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Morning deer
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