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Thursday, 5 June 2014

June Is Bustin' Out All Over

Here's a few pictures from my recent wanders around Newton Stewart.
Make sure you scroll to the last picture, it wasn't taken by me, but is rather special. 

In the Glebe garden.

A survivor of the lawnmower blades.

Blairmount Park wild flowers.

Just landed.

Decking, ducks and ducklings on Blairmount Pond.

This cob has a nesting mate and likes to chase the ducks.

A ducking !


I don't know whether the swan was trying to ape the duck here.

Just about to leave as the ducklings came over from the decking.

They're quickly learning that people walking round Blairmount pond might have some tasty snacks.

A climb up the hill. 
Cuckoo Flower



???????????? Roughly two inches long at the base of a tree. Looks like a cocoon perhaps.
Wood spider nursery maybe ?
My thanks to Tammie of Spirithelpers for solving the mystery.
It's a slime mould, Fuligo septica.
Also known as dog vomit or flowers of tan after it's occurrence on oak bark used for tanning leather. 

Power lines

Curious cows.

Salmon fishing on the river cree

and finally




to the world


Audrey Cass

Born to Sarah and Phil and weighing 7lb 11 oz, Audrey Cass is my newest granddaughter.
Thanks to Marie for this picture. She's about four days old here.
Well done Sarah and Phil.

Isn't she gorgeous.


  1. Awwwww....Audrey Cass is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to you and Sarah and Phil! And your photos have me bursting at the seams. So much beauty! And I love the cows and everything else. Your cow photo made me think of a video I saw...not sure you have seen it, but I am sharing the link. :)

    1. Thanks LInda, I hadn't seen the video, very entertaining.

  2. The best 'til last - Audrey is a little gem and sure to bring loads of enrichment and happiness to the whole family. Congratulations Sarah and Phil and may you all be the richer for this baby-treasure!
    Always happy to see that all is well and as it should be at Blairmount pond!

    1. I'll be giving her a cuddle in just over a week Rose, looking forward to it.
      Now waiting for the cygnets to hatch on Blairmount, I wonder if it's the same pen and cob of 2012 ?

  3. Best wishes for the new arrival granddad Jim. Like the ground beetle photo in particular. Looks a big beastie that one and the T Rex of the garden. Learned recently that birds like blue tits, ducks, herons etc. will happily kill and eat smaller birds near them if they get the chance so maybe the swan has the right idea about the mallards after all. It's not just bread that's on the menu.

    1. Thanks Bob, I've a feeling that'll be my 5th and last grandchild, maybe another 5 or 6 years will see me a great granddad.
      I was almost laid flat for that beastie. that was the best of a dozen I took.
      Never knew that birds were cannibals. It makes sense though, aren't they descended from dinosaurs ?

  4. Congratulations on the new addition to your family ~ what a sweetie.

  5. Hi Ruthie, although I'll be getting my first look at her next week, I've no doubt that she'll soon be having her first look around South West Scotland, her mum and dad absolutely adore coming up.

  6. Audrey Cass is such a darling!

    I think that yellow gook is a slime mold. you could check here:

    wonderful photos, spring is a special time and i hope your storm was not too bad!

    1. Hi Tammie, thanks.
      Thanks too for solving the mystery, it is a slime mould, Fuligo septica.
      I see a common name for it is 'Flowers of Tan'. The name comes from it's occurrence on oak bark used for tanning leather.


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Morning deer
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