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Saturday, 15 March 2014

In the forest

A short walk in the forest on Friday the 14th of March 2014.
I'd gone to look for fungi, but it looks like the moss has taken over. It seems that the best fungi is around in the Autumn.
Still there were some colourful things to photograph.
Holly is thriving this year.

Close up of lichen (Cladonia Impexa)

I had quite a task getting this picture, couldn't seem to focus, but eventually got this picture.
I think they are water boatmen.

Across the other side of the pool I saw this, much bigger frog spawn than last weeks.

Worth a closer look...........

,,,,,,,,,,,,,and even closer.

More lichen. Top right is fungus on a small stick. I've no idea what bottom right is.
The picture I've left out, I eventually identified as the remains of a well chewed tennis ball. Folk do walk their dogs here.

A blown down tree makes a great shelter from the rain. (It wasn't raining though)

Under the fallen tree.

A small stream.

Same small stream, different angle.

Moss covers almost everything.

Is it a dragon or some other unknown forest beast ?

The spiders have been busy.

Lace Lichen (Ramalina menziesii)

In such a wet season, it seems certain species will thrive.

Another grass spider's web to finish the post.
Hope you enjoyed the walk.


  1. I really enjoyed this walk and feel as if I was there, so this is definitely a walk I would enjoy taking myself. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty.

  2. That's a mossy forest Jim. Some great pictures.One of the benefits of photography is that you really appreciate the wonders of nature as, like an artist, you look at it in far greater detail than most folk out for a walk. Mind you like golf some would say its a good walk spoiled as camera addicts are always stopping abruptly to capture the next photo. I find it hard to cycle with anyone else in case they crash into the back of me as I'm always veering away suddenly or back tracking if I see something interesting on a run. It keeps us motivated though and that's what it's all about.

    1. Walking with the group is great Bob, but there are places we walk that need a closer look. Then I go back on my own and take it more leisurely taking pictures

  3. The thing I love about macro images is often even the photographer doesn't appreciate what he or she has captured until the images are downloaded and you gaze at them on-screen for the first time.
    I remember well seeing Holly (with berries) for the first time - it was at the back of the farm in Tasmania in the bush and I was totally thrilled - there were pieces of it everywhere in the house, it was such a novelty.

    1. Hi Rose, according to the experts the best macro pictures are taken with the camera set manually. My problem with that is remembering all the ISO's and technical stuff that goes with it. Of course I could always set up one of my cameras for only macro..........doh !


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Morning deer
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