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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

An evening stroll

An evening walk.
I took a little walk Tuesday evening, here's a few of the pictures I took.
Over on Blairmount, I can't identify this shy bird. Anyone ?
Well, thanks to Inky Marie, That Cat, Shorty, The Milkmaid and A Nother who have all told me that these are juvenile moorhens. I can't argue with any of these knowledgeable people.
(I wonder if anyone else like myself failed to spot the second chick in this picture)

Sad news. I'd noticed in the morning there were only six cygnets. Back in the evening, there's still only six.
There are foxes around. 

Cat on St Couan's Road

Magpie on pylon

The Challoch Burn

I've seen this scene above people's mantelpieces.
I love this picture.

Ayrshire perhaps ?
I am reliably informed by the 'Milkmaid' that this is a herd of Montbéliarde
Her superior knowledge is unquestionable. 

Sun going down on by Barnkirk Sub Station. A pleasant little outing.

It's Wednesday morning now and pouring rain.


  1. It is sad that there are only six cygnets, but thankfully there are still six of them. Your photos have made my day, Jim, thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Nothing like a power pole to win me over. I have numerous images of the things, and I love them! I must do a post some time yes?
    So we've lost a littlie at Blairmount - it saddens me thinking of the parents distress.
    Oh goodness those flying ducks! what a lucky shot Jim and heavens how many homes have I seen those ornaments adorning walls. (I love the real thing, but dare I say I never did like them ornamentally!)
    I hope someone comes up with the mystery bird.
    Keep strolling.

    1. I love an atmospheric pylon Rose, especially those that go off into the distance.. Maybe no one does flying ducks on the wall, but i do remember when they were all the rage.
      The mystery bird has been identified.

  3. Like those flying ducks. Shame about the cygnets. We've watched the Little Grebe in the ditches near us go from 3 to 2 to 1 to no chicks. Harsh thing nature. Hope the cygnets hold their own now.

    1. Looking at the latest cygnet picture above I'm thinking that the one hanging back looks a little fragile. If Mr Fox is around for more then I'd fear for that little one. Shame about your little grebes, nature is cruel.

  4. Replies
    1. As well as yourself I've had four emails telling me it's a juvenile moorhen. Got to be a juvenile moorhen then.

  5. An evening stroll at the moment is a good idea Jim as it's almost too warm walking at mid day down low if the sun is out and there's no wind. The one time of year I welcome the rain as it helps my little hopping frogs suffering on the grass in this heat. They are leaving the pool just now to go off into a bone dry environment.

    1. I heard that we're in for another three weeks of this weather Bob. I wonder if that's an omen for a really cold winter.

  6. I believe your bird is a Sora. I had one in my pond last year. I continue to hope it shows up this year, it was such a sweet presence and stayed maybe a month. It hung out at the edges mostly, under the greens. They have very large feet.


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