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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A Walk in the Black Forest or Knockman Wood to be exact

This is my first tryout of Microsofts Picture Story3.Knockman Wood is part of the Galloway Forest Park and fairly close to Newton Stewart.I was hoping that video uploaded direct to the blog would be of a better quality,but it would appear not.Probably standard Google,i think i'll be uploading to Vimeo for their HD quality soon.


  1. well done for getting the deer on film.

    we now have a herd of white fallow deer at the farm.

    i got an instant camera for 1.50 at a charity shop the other day. ordered loads of cartrigdes for it and they came today. so i have been experimenting. i allowed myself ten 'experiments' but now each picture is gonna be precious. i love the magic of it developing immediately.

    anyway i'll stop going on and start looking for cheap train tickets up to scotland.

  2. Hi Sez,thanks for that.If you'd like to email me any pictures of the white deer,i'd be delighted to publish them on here for you.


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Morning deer

Morning deer
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