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Monday, 21 July 2008

Castle Douglas

Sunday the 20th of July,and it's the start of Castle Douglas Civic Week.
My purpose is to try and get some good footage of the Dangleberries.

There are two bands tonight and the first is the Sensational Mary Barclay Band.I managed to get at least one good number recorded for youtube.COMING SOON!

When the Dangleberries took the stage,my vantage position was overrun by over enthusiatic young fans.The only place i could move to was one side,which turned out to be not where i wanted to be.Back home reviewing my footage,the video was ok but the sound was a total distortion.Roll on September when i can upgrade my video equipment.

I kept seeing this rather tall chap during the evening.I should have asked him to do my videoing for me.

Turns out he's leading the historical torchlight parade down Castle Douglas's main thoroughfare.

Quite a lot of torches are lit.

As they head off,the suns going down.It's a bright evening,so the torches aren't burning as brightly as they may have been,but it's still quite a spectacle.
Must go again next year.

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