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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Garlieston-A Good Friday Nature Walk with WW2 remnants

In Galloway in South West Scotland the village of Garlieston is in the Machars,south of Wigtown.

During the second world war and still,Garlieston is known as the home of the Mulberry Harbour.
Mulberry Harbour

I had family visiting over the Easter weekend.
On Good Friday the 22nd of April 2011,we took a walk northwards from Garlieston.
Exploration was the name of the game.

In no particular order,photographs by myself,Marie,Sarah and Phil are presented below.
Enjoy as we did.


  1. wow, it looks like you had a nice day and a wonderful time exploring, finding treasures and trash... flowers and forests. yea.

  2. What an interesting collection of pictures, was that a piece of bone with teeth I saw ?
    Jayne x

  3. Hi Tammie,that's a good subtitle for this set of pictures.
    Flowers and forests-Treasures and trash...I like it.

    Hi Jayne, there's always something to uncover up the Innerwell/Eggerton path.
    It looks very much like a porpoise jaw.We did fish it out,but the teeth began falling out.

  4. That should of course be Eggerness Point,not's an age thing.

  5. Absolutely fantastic pictures you folks took! That's really neat to walk around little bits & pieces of history!

  6. What a beautiful and interesting collection of pictures. Enjoyed :)

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments Michael and Marinela.

    Congratulations on such success at a relatively young age Marinela.You write beautifully.


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Morning deer
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